Introduction to the fundraiser

"We believe in Hope for the Lost, the Least and the Last"

Hiichiikok Foundation, was approved and registered as a foundation on 20 February 2012. We will be organising our first fundraiser concert with dinner @SEGi University on Saturday, 13 April 2013 in celebration of our one year anniversary. 
The funds raised through this event will go to these four chosen children NGOs, namely Salvation Army Selangor, Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, Protect & Save the Children and Yayasan Chow Kit.  

This fundraiser concert is strongly supported by SEGi University Group and Focus Malaysia the newest business weekly launched recently. Both SEGi and Focus Malaysia in addition to supporting the event with manpower and resources will be canvassing their respective corporate partners to secure corporate sponsorships for the event.  

Hiichiikok Foundation was founded by Dato' Seri Clement Hii who believes in the Chinese saying, "Return to society by one who have gained from it" (取之社会,用之社会 ). The Foundation establishes an avenue for HCK Capital Group in which Dato' Seri serves as its Executive Chairman to discharge its corporate social responsibility. Dato' Seri has already donated substantial amount to kick start Hiichiikok Foundation. The Foundation is supported both financially and in kind by HCK Capital Group and by Dato’ Seri Clement Hii personally.

Hiichiikok Foundation’s two main programmes are:

·         Home for children: targeting children who are either orphans, homeless or abused; aiming to provide a caring environment for these children to grow up to be contributing members of society.

·         Free Tuition Programme (for children from families which are unable to afford private tuition)                                                                                 

As part of the foundation active participation and contribution to the social issues related to children in Malaysia, and being one of the agent of change in provision of solutions, we hope to be able to do so through this fundraiser to raise funds for those chosen NGOs above.

It will be an evening of power packed concert of local performances consisting of Dennis Lau Violinist/Songwriter/Producer, KouJee Beatbox Extraordinaire, Lil Starlet Crystal Lee Singer/Actress, and Edison Lim the International Illusionist, and including some of SEGi best performing talents. It will be hosted by celebrity emcees to stir up more enthusiasm to raise more funds through lucky draws and special auctions. We aim to provide a memorable event for all who are interested in children welfare to come for the purpose of a worthy cause for the children. At the same time we hope to be able to achieve our objective of raising funds for the four nominated NGOs.

Kindly contact Ms Lee Yin Yoke at 03-62873645 for any enquiries on this event, Mr Jeremy Kwan Wing Kien (03-62873642) will be most happy to discuss with you on how to be a sponsor for the fundraiser. Please go to our Facebook for more information. 

We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends, and do not miss out being part of this wonderful life changing fundraiser concert.